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"Lauren is, quite simply, a genius! She is amazing at what she does right from that very first idea that pops into your head right through to execution. She’s very thorough when talking through your ideas and desired outcomes, with agreements and deadlines in place for each step of your creation, and she just completely ‘gets’ you and your ideas. I’ve gone to Lauren for all of my design needs from smartening up my current logo so it flows better, designing multiple greetings cards, different genre gift cards, multiple leaflets and now she’s just finished creating two product brochures for both my wedding and pet photography businesses, and they are perfect! Nothing is too much trouble for Lauren, any tweaks or bits to add, she’s on it, if they don’t quite work, she will give you alternative ideas that do work. I get so excited every time I have a new idea and go to Lauren with it, as I know that what she produces is magic and it’s amazing to see my doodle in my head come to life as a tangible product! Thank you for being your awesome self!"
Julia Healey

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